Aug 10, 2015

My Book Shelf - Book Lover's Day

Apparently I got Book Lover's Day mixed up 
with today's Lazy Day!

As I was quite lazy yesterday (Sunday) as I 
waited somewhat impatiently for the first 
football game of the season last night. 
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But I thought I would share some of my 
current reads with ya today anyway.
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 Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman 
actually, I just finished it while participating
with an online book club.

some good lessons learned!

A book that I've been reading through slowly for
some time now, to absorb as much as possible...

I'm currently RE-reading The Harbinger 
by Jonathan Cahn. I was talking about it with
a friend and couldn't remember some of the 
remarkable events, so I'm reading through it 

Did you have a chance to participate in the 
#ProverbsChallenge in July? 31 days/31 Proverbs. 
I did and decided to read them again this month 
along with Gloria Copeland's Hidden Treasures book, 
for a deeper study.

And my all time favorite book to read...God's Word!
nothing makes my heart smile more!

I also like to read nature guides, gardening books and 
cook nerdy, I know.

And I couldn't leave without showing you my little
reading corner in our home library room. 
sitting there now while writing this post! (:

my cozy corner of our home library 

What are you currently reading?
Do you have any good reads
to recommend?

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