Apr 1, 2014

Wood Slab Table & Springtime Snow

I haven't had much time to 
craft or bake this past week.

We've been stepping up the 
de-clutter process. By the time
we're done, my house should be
almost empty...which sounds good
to me!

surprise snow storm March 30, 2014

We were hit with a surprise snow 
storm over the weekend. The forecast
was for rain, possibly a little sleet.
but wow! We woke up Monday morn
with 2-3 inches of snow.

#soreadyforspring (:

hubby's been crafting. 

Ash/Walnut slab wood table


Here's a recent slab wood table he created. 
Slab wood can have so much character in its
grain, beautiful.

His furniture is custom made, so it's usually
created & out of his shop before I have a 
chance to snap a few pictures. However,
this one was delivered to a friend's house,
so I was able to capture it.

Thanks for stopping by, 
enjoy your day!

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