Jun 25, 2015

Cricut gift bag - a pretty way to present a gift card

I'm always looking for different ways to present 
gift cards; fun, pretty, unique designs.

Today I  have a pretty one to share. 
A wee gift bag created with my beloved Cricut.

Cricut gift bag - Happiness Always, Stampin' Up
Cricut gift bag with note card

I always stamp on scrap paper first to "test" the stamp. 
Here, my test came out so well that I used it to create 
a little note card.

Cricut gift bag with note card - Happiness Always, Stampin' Up
Stampin' Up:  cardstock, stamps (Happy Harmony, rt.) and markers.
blue textured paper (unknown), Memento black ink, button recycled from my button jar.

My custom-sized labels were made in the Cricut Craft Room 
using the free basic software.
Creating labels with the Cricut Craft Room software
online Cricut Craft Room screen shot

What's your favorite way
to present gift cards?

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Jun 16, 2015

Line Drying your Clothes - Five Simple reasons

The simple joys of summer...

Why does seeing clean clothes on the line
gently blowing in the breeze bring me such joy?

Maybe it's because it transports my brain back to a 
less complicated time and lifestyle that I so covet, at times, 
in these busy, fast-paced days we live.


5 reasons to line dry your clothes

1. Fresh Air is Refreshing, for you and your clothes.

2. Conserves energy and saves money, no static cling, 
    no dryer sheets.

3. If left out too long, no wrinkles, no shrinking or set-in 
    stains. (thanks to your dryer)


4. Sunlight has a gentle, natural bleaching effect.

5. Clothes last longer; no heat to destroy elastic, 
    no lint or pills.

My handy dandy hubby put my clothesline on pulleys from our house to one of our outbuilding across the yard. It's high off the ground so kids, frisbees, lawnmowers and livestock won't get entangled in the clean laundry; it's a common practice used by our local Amish families.

Amish clothesline

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Do you use an outdoor clothesline?