Apr 25, 2013

are you a NO-REPLY blogger?

Have you ever wanted to contact someone who
left a lovely comment on your blog or directly
respond to a question left in your comments?

Many bloggers have their blog comments 
emailed to them so they won't miss any!
But if you don't have your profile set to 
show your email...
no-reply blogger!
{{insert scary Jaws music here}}

If you are wanting to change yours, 
here's a wee tutorial.

1. When you sign into your blogger account, you are brought to   your "dashboard". Where you can see your blog name(s).

2.  Click on your Profile in the upper right-hand corner.
3.  Click on your Blogger Profile
4.  Click Edit Profile
5.  Under Privacy, check the box "show my email address."
6.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Profile"

That was probably easier than you thought, huh?

**Google Plus users probably will have to temporarily "Revert to Blogger Profile" to make the change. You'll find that in the lower drop down menu on your dashboard
under your profile picture.

Did you find this post helpful? Are there any other blogging procedures you're curious about?

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  1. Thank you!
    I thought that my e-mail was available. When I checked, I found it was not. Thanks to you, I might actually win some of those giveaways I'm always entering. ~smile~

    Drop by Harvest Lane Cottage and say hi sometime!

  2. I will have to look at your tutorial more closely but I actually prefer to connect with bloggers through our blogs..sometimes I get e-mails after visiting blogs and commenting but I always wonder why they were not interested in seeing my blog as they comment back vs just sending an e-mail. Just by clicking my name next to my comment they should go directly to my blog. I'll look into it further to see if I understand..thanks so much!!!!


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