Nov 19, 2013

Spreading Sunshine

I am so bad at posting these. 
I have been holding on to this for awhile
until I had time to link up blogs.  That wasn't 
happening so I just decided to post it now.

Who doesn't enjoy reading random facts after all?!

A big shout-out to Kim @ This Ole Mom 
for nominating me for this award!
"Thank you Kim"

the rules...
1. Acknowledge your nominating blogger (thank you Kim!)
2. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer your nominating Blogger 11 questions that they provided for you.
4. Pick 11 Bloggers to nominate for this award.
5. Post 11 questions of your own for those 11 Bloggers to answer for you.

11 Random facts about me-
 1. I love wrought iron furniture
 2. I enjoy old movies (40's, 50's)
 3. I wear an apron when I'm in the kitchen (no pearls
     just the apron)
 4. I make a list for everything
 5. I think 11 facts are really hard to think of
 6. fall is my fav season
 7. winter/snow is my second favorite time of the year
 8. I don't enjoy longggg road trips
 9. I enjoy reaching my destination after a long road trip!
10.Organizing is another favorite hobby of mine
11.I enjoy baking more than cooking

Answering Kim's questions for me-

1. What is your favorite television show ?
Food Network's Pioneer Woman
2. Do you have children ? How many?
We have four children
3. What is your favorite food ?
4. How long have you been blogging ?
five years
5. Where is one place you wish you could travel to ?
6. Do you have pets ? How many ? What ?

7. What is the one favorite dish you like to cook ?
pot roast
8. Does your family have a special family tradition ?  What?
we have many, but watching
The Muppet's Christmas Carol at the 
beginning of the Holiday season is a fav,

9. What is one thing your friends don't know about you ?
10. What is your favorite song?
right now, I've been listening to
old songs by Dean Martin!
11. Do you have a favorite movie ? what ?
The Italian Job & White Christmas

If you have not received this blog award yet, feel free to play along
...I'm passing it on to each of you.

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