Apr 22, 2016

My TO-DO List Altered notebook - Bella BLVD

Happy Earth Day!

Here's a fun little recycle/upcycle - reuse
project I've been wanting to share.

I am an admitted list-maker, yep, it's right there
on my "About Me" page! Lists are a constant in
my life. 

My mind naturally works in lists.
When I have a project to do, I see the steps in
list form before my pen even hits paper.

So where does a prolific list-maker keep her lists?

altering a notebook, recycle, my to do list notebook

But I'm a crafter too, so they need to be
embellished notebooks!

I make one for each season. (:

notebooks - Summer '15 & Winter '16

Recycling or is it Upcycling?

I use the kids old composition books; they 
never use all the pages. Would that be 
recycling or upcycling?

Upcycling the kids old notebooks.
The used pages are carefully cut out and
the cover is joyfully altered.

Most notebooks have more than half of
their pages unused, in that case I just 
alter the cover. 

However, my current edition was pretty
much thinned out so I made a quick 
bookcover from kraft wrapping paper.
This will allow me to transfer my spring 
cover to another book when this one
is finished before the end of the season.

creating a kraft paper book cover

Ironically, some of Bella Blvd's winter papers 
were perfect for my spring notebook!

Bella Blvd Winter Wonder design papers were
used, earlier in the year, for both my winter notebook 
and my 2016 daily planner, I really liked the color scheme.

Winter '16  with Bella Blvd design papers

My 2016 daily planner using Bella Blvd Winter Wonder papers

spring 2016 To-Do list notebook

Are you a list-maker?
Do you keep notebooks of notes?

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  1. Yes. I am a list maker.Especially for my shopping.If not I will buy 1 or 2 items not needed. Also, I make a list for the supplies I will need on a particular project.
    They are both Awesome!
    Have a blessed day my friend,
    Crafting With Creative M

  2. Hey Maria, thanks for stopping by my blog, so lovely to hear from you again. Love your little notebooks, they're adorable and beautifully decorated...a really clever way to upcycle older notebooks :) Donna ♥ x

  3. These are adorable, Maria! And I love that you re-use the kiddos' old comp books. I've kept a lot of those, too, because you're right... they never seem to get completely used. But I've not thought to decorate them like you have. What a fun idea!

  4. Great way to use up those note books - sure my girls have loads of those half used somewhere hmmmmm :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing on Peace, Love, link-up!
    The next party is tomorrow at 6, so stop on by and share anything new you might be working on!

    : )

  6. I have so many different kinds of list but really need them to stay organized and feel like I have accomplished my goals. My husband of course makes fun of me! LOL


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