Jul 1, 2016

Books to Read - The Summer Reading Program - Are you Signed Up?

I picked up a book at the library 
the other day and saw that their
summer reading program had 
started...is it summer already?!

I love to read!
We even have a library room in our 
home; the shelves filled with classics 
and books I want to read "someday"
...does someday ever come????

So I signed up for the adult read!

If we read at least eight books we'll
be entered to win some fun prizes. 
I'm not too concerned with a prize
but I did get a pretty lanyard just for
signing up! score!

So, I'm challenging myself to read 
eight books off my "someday" shelf!

My first book is John A. MacMillan's 
The Authority of the Believer.

What will you be reading
over the summer?

Any recommendations?

Does your local library have a
summer reading program for adults?

Are you signed up?

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  1. I love that you have a library room in your house! Libraries have always been one of my most favorite places. There's something about all the vast knowledge and potential is one spot that fills me with wonder. Unfortunately, though, I don't do much reading anymore. I have a hard time putting a book down once I've picked it up.... and then I don't get anything done. Good for you for taking on a summer reading challenge. Looking forward to hearing all about it!


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