Oct 15, 2013

Fruit Juice Bats

The other day I shared how I added a bit of fun 
to the dinner table for the little ones in attendance 

Today I wanted to show you my Fruit Juice-box Bats.

**As a homeschooler, I have to mention these are an easy craft for the kids to make while studying bats/nocturnal mammals. Then serve them while the kids are building a bat house...just saying! Did you know bats can eat up to 6,000 insects in a single night. yuck!

You'll need:

fruit juice boxes & black tissue paper

black cardstock or construction paper (wings)
white cardstock or construction paper (eyes & fangs)
regular hole punch (eyes)
black marker (eyes)
glue stick

Wrap the juice boxes with the tissue paper as you would wrap any gift box, attach the wings, eyes & fangs with glue and dot the eyes with a black marker. 

Here's my super fast fang tutorial! 

The wings can easily be hand cut but I already had my Cricut fired up so I cut a few silhouette bats from the Simply Charmed cart and clipped off their wings for my juice boxes.

The tissue paper is easy enough for little fingers to tear open so they can enjoy their juice before, during or after the meal!

Do you have fun ideas for your table settings?
leave me a link below, I would love to see them.

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  1. These are so fun!!! Love them, thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  2. Too cute Maria. Love the star teeth! Great idea. Thanks for joining the challenge at DL.ART

  3. Maria, these are just brilliant, what a fabulous idea, and how simple are the fangs...well if you can think, that is, would never have thought of doing that...xxx

  4. OMGoodness, these are sooooo adorable and fun! I think a kid of any age (eh hem....I mean ME) would LOVE to have one of these juice box treats! SO clever. I LOVE your tip on making the fangs! TFS!

  5. I'm always looking for realistic (i.e. easy) craft ideas, and this definitely fits the bill. Plus, I love how it's a way to put old juice boxes to good use and make juice boxes worth the money:) I included it in a roundup of juice box hacks - http://hintmama.com/2014/10/27/4-juice-box-hacks/


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