Mar 19, 2014

I'm a Prepper...who knew!

It all started with my first copy of Countryside and Small Stock Journal from a neighbor, years ago.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

It had articles from all these wonderfully self sufficient people who raised animals, had huge gardens, preserved their own food and cooked from scratch. 
They called themselves homesteaders!

Omgosh, I so wanted to be one of "them"!

Fortunately, my hubby was totally on board and
we started raising small animals and gardening.
(this was all new to me!)

Then the canning frenzy began. 

Preppers preserve their produce.

We wanted to preserve all that lovely garden produce to enjoy during the long winter months.

My pantry shelves were full, I felt so accomplished!

I remember the first time I canned our own pickles, 
I thought I was a success because they tasted just like 
the store brand. lol I'm sure I showed my mason jars 
of pickles to everyone who stopped by!

When the babies started coming and life became increasingly busy, hubby & I would go on large shopping trips to stock up for the month so I was never without the food I needed to feed our growing family. 

It was a wonderful feeling to 'shop' our pantry.

Preppers stock up!

All these years, I thought we were just being homesteaders. 
Seems there's a new name for what we do now. Preppers!

I'll accept that, I guess.  We are prepared over the winter months when the snow storms come and the electricity fails.  Or the summer months when the lightening storms & high winds gust and the electricity fails...again!

blizzard hurrican oil lanterns

Being a Prepper is a good thing, I believe, whether for convenience or for emergencies, it brings about a sense of peace.

And it fits right into our simple lifestyle and that makes my heart happy! 

Are you a prepper?

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  1. Everyone is a prepper where I live. We have to be....can't just drive down a snowy mountain road for 30 minutes anytime we need something!

    We chuckled when a new neighbor bought several hundred pounds of wheat and didn't want anyone to know about it was something strange. We assured him that the odd people in this community are the ones who do NOT have a few barrels of wheat stored away! :)

    It's good to live in a place where neighbors are prepared and will help out if others are caught short.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. And actually the 30 minute drive down the hill that I mentioned is to the nearest small town (1100 people). It is 2 hrs to the nearest city of any size with shopping (30,000 people). :)
      <3 J

      jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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