Apr 1, 2014

Wood Slab Table & Springtime Snow

I haven't had much time to 
craft or bake this past week.

We've been stepping up the 
de-clutter process. By the time
we're done, my house should be
almost empty...which sounds good
to me!

surprise snow storm March 30, 2014

We were hit with a surprise snow 
storm over the weekend. The forecast
was for rain, possibly a little sleet.
but wow! We woke up Monday morn
with 2-3 inches of snow.

#soreadyforspring (:

hubby's been crafting. 

Ash/Walnut slab wood table


Here's a recent slab wood table he created. 
Slab wood can have so much character in its
grain, beautiful.

His furniture is custom made, so it's usually
created & out of his shop before I have a 
chance to snap a few pictures. However,
this one was delivered to a friend's house,
so I was able to capture it.

Thanks for stopping by, 
enjoy your day!

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  1. Gorgeous table!!!!
    Enjoy the quiet of a fresh blanket of snow. It's just the Creator pulling up the covers over His world for a little bit longer.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  2. WoW!!!!!!
    Maria, These tables are really stunning. I love all of that tables.
    Plywood Manufacturer in India

  3. Oh my gosh, Maria! That table is GORGEOUS! I'm showing it to my husband so we can both drool over it... since the likelihood of our completing a table like that is fairly low. LOL! Two thumbs up to your husband!

  4. WOW - your husband is one talented carpenter! That table is stunning!! Send one this way please :-) Snow, I know, I too have had enough now. Come on Spring - push your way in please :-)

  5. Maria, your husband is so very talented. This slab table is amazing!
    2014 Artists Series

  6. Beautiful work...my kids have only seen snow I think twice in their lives...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. What a crazy winter this has been. I sure hope you get some spring in your neck of the woods sometime soon! LOVE your hubby's handcrafted table! Wow, that is amazing!

  8. weather here has been crazy too, But we are having some lovely temps this week. That table is incredible. A true piece of art. Love it Hugs

  9. The table is beautiful, but I adore the "decluttering" - best feeling in the world!!

  10. Thanks everyone, hubby enjoyed reading the comments. Maybe he'll start blogging soon! (:


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