May 2, 2014

Mini Greenhouse Seed Starter - seedlings

Planting season is about to commence!

seedlings 2014

The vegetable garden is tilled, 
the early seeds were planted - 
sugar peas, beets and the 
strawberry plants are looking good!

But there is still much to do!

seedlings - peppers, tomatoes, zucchini 2014

We did start some seeds indoor 
these last few weeks.

The tomatoes (Beefsteak & Big Red cherry) 
were the first to sprout their little leaves 
with the zucchini/squash soon after.

The peppers took their full 
two weeks to appear.

Seed Starter Kit 2014 - seedlings

These seedlings are from the 
Dollar Store 25¢ seed packets 
I bought mid-March, along with
this plastic 72 cell seed starter 

the how-to

My daughter & I filled the cells
with regular potting soil, placed 
a toothpick into one of the cells
for reference then sprinkled our
seeds being careful to record 
placement of each in our 

We watered the soil until it was
saturated, put on the clear plastic
lid and placed the mini-greenhouse
on top of the refrigerator.

When more than half of the seedlings
started to appear, we placed the 
greenhouse on a table with indirect
sunlight. A few days later, we 
removed the plastic lid and set 
the plants under a southern facing
skylight and that's where they are
now, growing up & growing strong.

Our last frost date for our region
is a few days away, so we'll see
how well the plants are doing before
transitioning them outside.

Do you grow your own veggies?
Have you ever started seeds indoors?

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  1. Hi Maria! Enjoyed visiting your blog :). Look forward to seeing your harvest in a future post! Happy Gardening!

  2. You are going to have a wonderful selection of vegetables for your table this year. TFS


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