Jan 8, 2015

Safety Education series - Family Disaster Plan part 1

Jan. 8, 2015
Safety Education: Family disaster plan part one

Every family should be prepared for any hazards that may affect their area,
and have a disaster plan in place. 

Where will your family be when a disaster strikes?
They could be away from the home, at work or in a car.
How will you find each other?
What would you do if basic services...water, gas, electricity...were cut off
for an extended period of time?

Discuss these possibilities now to avoid confusion later.

Have your students search online to find then contact your local National Weather 
Service office, emergency management office and American Red Cross chapter. Ask
them what type of disasters could occur in your area and how you should respond. 
(Many are more than happy to work with interested homeschoolers!)

Also, Learn your community's warning signals and evacuation plans.

Each family should have two meeting places predetermined. One outside your home
for an emergency, such as fire and a place away from your neighborhood in case you
can't return home. Choose an out-of-state friend as your family's check-in contact 
person for everyone to call if the family gets separated.

Discuss what you would do if advised to evacuate.

These are great table-talk topics to discuss at the dinner table!

your family's disaster plan

We'll continue this class next week, Jan 15, 2015.
I hope you'll join us again.

If you've found these weekly safety classes
helpful, please consider leaving a
comment. thank you.

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disclaimer: I am not a doctor or safety expert. This article is only intended to serve as an encouragement to discuss safety basics and give safety class ideas to homeschoolers. 

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