Jan 15, 2015

Safety Education series - Family Disaster Plan part 2

Jan 15, 2015
Safety education: family disaster plan part 2

This week we will continue to create our plan.
Simply being prepared for situations under our control may avert a number of disasters.

*Discuss which phone numbers you will need in the event of an emergency, then have your students create a list/index card to keep by the phone.

*Make sure you have properly working smoke detectors & fire extinguishers throughout your home. Take the time to check each unit now.

*Inspect your home for potential hazards, such as items that can move or heavy furniture/items that could fall. (Are tall bookcases securely anchored to the wall, are electronics or heavy art pieces kept overhead?) Also check for fire hazards around the home. (draperies, bedding to close to fire sources or piles of paper, etc)  If these hazards are found, discuss how to correct them.

*Have your family learn basic safety measures, such as CPR and first aid; how to use a fire extinguisher; and how & when to turn off water, gas, and electricity in your home.

Have students search online for local CPR classes if needed, review our Basic First Aid class. Contact your local fire department to see when they have public demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher or schedule a private lesson.

Each school age child should be aware that their home has a way to turn off water, gas & electricity and where it is located. Even if you feel your children are not mature enough to understand the operation of these utilities, they should be made aware that they exist. Advise them as you see fit.

our family disaster plan

We'll continue this class next week.
I hope you'll join us!

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disclaimer: I am not a doctor or safety expert. This article is only intended to serve as an encouragement to discuss safety basics and give safety class ideas to homeschoolers. 

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