Nov 20, 2014

Emergency Car Kits - Safety Education series

November 20, 2014
Safety Education: Emergency Car Kits

If you've watched the news lately, this cold snap
has brought more scenes of stranded travelers on
snowy roadways. I wonder how many had prepared
for such an emergency.

Today we are going think what it might be like to
be stranded in our vehicle for an extended period
of time...during daylight hours and possibly added
difficulties if we had to remain overnight.

Depending on their ages, they may need some
prompts from teacher. (food, water, warmth,
sheltering-in-place verses walking to safety)

Brainstorm a list of items that combat each
emergency scenario the kids mentioned. 
Talk about the viability and practicality of
each item, remembering, they will be stored 
in the vehicle.

Here's our list:
a case of water
flashlight with extra batteries
candles & matches in a can or glass jar
maps & compass
multi-purpose tool/knife
first aid kit
extra socks,coats, boots
large & small trash bags
a list of emergency contact numbers 
pen/pencil & paper
a bucket with lid, toilet paper, wet wipes
some dried or canned food with pull tabs
windshield washer fluid
jumper cables
small shovel
ice scraper
road flares
bag of kitty litter (for traction)
cell phone chargers

Now, think about storage space in your vehicle.
(some of these items may already be kept there)
Most items may fit in a backpack or a 5 gal.
bucket. Are there drawers under your seats
or will everything need to be stored in your

Gather and assemble your emergency car kits
as soon as possible. Even if your family never
experiences an emergency, having these items
may allow you to help others during your travels.

gathering items for our Car Emergency Kit - candles & matches

Mom notes:
A key component of educating our children in safety 
is to present different situations and have the 
children think of possible problems that could occur
and then discuss various practical solutions.

These thinking exercises have not only made my
children better prepared for emergencies but have 
also enhanced their leadership skills.

Thanks so much for 
joining us this week.

We will not have safety class next week, due to the
Thanksgiving holiday.

Our next class will be
Thursday, Dec. 4th.

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