Nov 6, 2014

Kitchen safety tips- Safety Education series

November 6, 2014
Safety Education:  a Safe Holiday Kitchen

With the holiday season approaching, 
the kitchen will become a hub of activity! 
Unfortunately, it also can quickly turn into 
a site for injuries and fires during this busy 
time of year, according to the Fire Marshal's
fire safety council. 

Here are a few Kitchen Safety Tips to review.

· Stay in the kitchen while cooking. 
If you must leave, turn down the heat 
on appliances and return quickly. 

· Keep anything that can catch fire, 
such as dishtowels, paper or plastic bags, 
curtains, etc., at least three feet away 
from the stove top. 

· Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing 
when cooking (such as long open sleeves) 
which can be ignited by hot burners.

· Remove mats or runners in the kitchen 
and dining areas that could cause someone 
to slip or trip while carrying hot dishes. 

· Always turn pot handles inward to prevent 
small children from reaching up and pulling 
down a hot pan. 

· Keep hot items, such as hot beverages and 
trays that have just come out of the oven 
away from the edge of counters, so that small
children are not able to reach them. 

· Hot liquid and food burns often occur when 
little ones pull hanging tablecloths or place mats. 
Use table cloths and decorations with care. 

· Food cooked in a microwave can be 
dangerously hot. Remove lids or other 
coverings from microwaved food carefully 
to prevent steam burns. 

· Keep young children and pets away from 
the stove when anyone is cooking and never 
leave small children in the kitchen unsupervised 
when food is being prepared. 

· Store knives and other sharp objects 
out of the reach of young children


After reading, have students create a checklist for these tips 
or a pictorial poster to be posted in the kitchen.

Mom note:
During the holidays our whole family normally
works together in the kitchen to prepare festive 
meals. However, over the years,depending on 
the age of the child, they might only have a few 
dishes to help prepare. So we would always set 
that child on a stool, partially outside the busy 
cooking path, in the kitchen with the above 
checklist to have them "watch over" us noting 
any safety concerns. We made sure they 
understood this was an important job being 
entrusted to them in helping to keep our family

Thanks so much 
for joining us!
See you next week.

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