Aug 2, 2016

Easy Melt & Pour Seashell Soaps

Ah, summertime...
sun, sand, beach, seashells...seashell soap! 

Why not!

It's a fun activity to do with the kids!

You'll need a melt & pour glycerin bar
and some seashell candy or soap molds
from your favorite craft store.

Then cut a few cubes from the bar and place
them in a glass bowl for melting.

Pop it in the microwave and heat it
for 30 seconds, stir. Continue heating
it at 30 sec. intervals until melted and
its easy to stir.

Separate the melted soap into different
glass bowls if you want to add color to
your soaps.

Once colored, you'll simply pour it into
your molds and let it sit overnight until

Then pop them out of the molds to use
or give as gifts.

Simple, huh?!

fish, seashell, starfish homemade soap

We used food to color our soaps;
brown sugar, paprika, dark cocoa and 
blue "Jello" powder.

Think of the possibilities...
depending on the molds and colors
you use; you can coordinate seasons,
holidays, sports, special events, etc.

side notes:
if you notice bubbles in your melted
glycerin soap-and they bother you-
you can put a little rubbing alcohol
in a spray bottle and lightly spray the
surface of the soap, the bubbles will

Also, if you have older kids, this could be
a great fundraiser project. I've given
you the basic instructions, but you 
could get a little more involved by
purchasing soap fragrance and color
gels (a little goes a LONG way!) It can become 
rather addictive, be warned!

make custom made soap

Have you ever made
your own soap?

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  1. I have pinned a bunch of soaps, but have never made any... and I definitely want to do so someday. These are SO fun and cute, Maria! And I absolutely adore that you used food to color your bars. Thanks so much for the great tips!

  2. This is a pretty awesome idea! Fun too!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  3. Oooooh these are gorgeous Maria, love the colours you've chosen and the seashells are just perfect for summer :) Donna ♥ x


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