Sep 18, 2014

Fire Safety week 3 - Safety Education series

Welcome to our homeschool safety class this week!

Sept. 18, 2014
Safety Education

Fire Safety 

We'll continue concentrating on fire safety for the month of September. Today we'll discuss creating a fire safety kit and next week we will put our entire fire escape plan to the test!

1. Apart from smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the home, each room should have a "fire safety kit"!

start with these basics to make your own...
whistle, flashlight, fire safety ladder (if needed), fire extinguisher, duct tape.

search online for "Fire Safety Kits" to purchase a pre-made one.

2. Ask students what additional items they think they might need in the kits. Do an online search for fire safe masks, goggles and fire extinguishers.

3. Take note of different fire extinguishers and their class ratings. (A, B, C & K) Discuss which ones would be most beneficial in each room of your home.

4. Let your students know they will be testing their fire escape plan next week.  Discuss any questions or concerns they may have. 

5. Table talk; talk about all that they have learned today.

Watch this Cold Fire fire extinguisher video!

Mom notes:
If you have house pets, you may want to add that to your discussion this week. 
Also, I purposefully did not add any points about learning how to dial/call 911. When discussing a fire escape plan with my children, I want their focus to be on getting out and staying out! (We'll cover calling 911 another time.)

Thanks for joining us for safety class,
see you next week!

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