Sep 4, 2014

Safety Education series - The Home Schooling Matters

Welcome to our first safety class!

In Pennsylvania, homeschoolers are required to provide " education, including regular and continuous instructions in the dangers and prevention of fires..." each year.

Throughout our 20+ years of schooling, we have used many different resources to teach safety education from free books at the library to classes offered at our local community college. 

This subject, although required, is often an after thought for many parents as they focus more on the 'regular' subjects of English, math, history & science, however, safety will never be a subject we graduate will benefit us and our families for the rest of our lives.

So, call it Safety Education or maybe, if your not a homeschooler, Emergency Preparedness, we will have class every Thursday over the next several weeks. 

I'll be posting what I will personally 
be doing in our homeschool!

Sept 4, 2014
Safety Education

Create a Fire Escape Plan.

1. Have students draw a map of your home, let them detail as much or as little as they like. Do include all doors & windows.

2. Have students physically stand in each room and think about how they would escape. Using a red marker/pencil, draw arrows on your map showing two ways out.

3. Designate a meeting place outside your home and mark it on your map too.

4. Table talk: this is a great subject to bring up at the dinner table!  

Mom notes: 
Depending on your child's age, you could find some fire safety books at the library to read to your child before or after creating your fire escape plan.

Although I encourage you to have your students draw their own map, no matter their age, here's an additional resource for digitally creating an escape plan with Sparky the Fire Dog

Thanks for joining us for safety class, see you next week!

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fire escape plan

Does your family have a 
fire escape plan?

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