Sep 11, 2014

Safety Education series - The Home Schooling Matters 0911

Welcome to safety class!

In Pennsylvania, homeschoolers are required 
to provide " education, including regular 
and continuous instructions in the dangers and 
prevention of fires..." each year.

Read my full class intro here.

So, call it Safety Education or maybe, if your not a homeschooler, Emergency Preparedness, we will have class every Thursday over the next several weeks. 

I'll be posting what I will personally 
be doing in our homeschool!

Sept 11, 2014
Safety Education

Walking Through our Fire Escape Plan

1. Last week we talked about having a fire escape plan, this week we will be reviewing our plan.

2. Looking at your map from last week, discuss the exits depicted on your drawing. Depending on your childs age, is it possible to actually escape through the windows, can they open the windows themselves, is there a fire safety ladder for each window that's needed, does each child know where the ladders are stored?  
This will possibly be an eye-opener for parents (and boys who think they can "just jump")!

3. After making your rounds through the house, discuss some basic fire safety rules if fire prevents you from escaping.

* use blankets, towels, duct tape to seal the door cracks & air vents to keep smoke from coming in.

* open your windows at the top & bottom for fresh air to circulate.

* call for help by using a whistle to alert neighbors.

* wave a light-colored cloth or flashlight out the window to let someone know where you're located.

* stay close to the floor to avoid the smoke

* DO NOT hide!

4. Table Talk! discussion at the dinner table benefits all!

fire escape ladder

Mom notes:

With today's lesson we're seeing how much our children actually know when it comes to fire escape planning. No assumptions.

My eyes were opened when after making sure the kids could open each window, then realizing they could not REACH one of the windows without a stool, which was not normally kept in the room.

The boys eyes were opened when they thought they could "just jump" from their first floor bedroom window but after letting them try it, under Daddy's supervision, they were left hanging a little higher than what they wanted to jump!  
It was a great lesson for all of us!

You should be able to find fire escape ladders at your local hardware stores, like Lowe's & Home Depot!

Thanks for joining us for safety class, 
see you next week!

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