Oct 16, 2014

Carbon Monoxide & Poster Contest - Safety Education series

October 16, 2014
Safety education: Carbon Monoxide 

For class today, we're reviewing some important info 
about carbon monoxide, the invisible killer.  

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a great 
fact sheet HERE. Please visit the site and read over the 
info with your children. 

Then enter the poster contest! 

The contest is open to children in grades six through 
eight through February 2015!
Click on the graphic below to read the entry details 
and take a look at previous poster winners!

Mom note:
Even if your children aren't eligible for the actual contest, creating a poster will help reinforce what they have learned. Then encourage them to share this important information with family & friends.

Have fun!
Thanks for joining us,
see you next week.

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