Oct 23, 2014

Stranger Danger - Safety Education Series

October 23, 2014
Safety Education - stranger danger

Today, we'll be discussing some basic personal safety rules.
good advise from Safely Ever After.


We'll be visiting the Safely Ever After site today for our discussion topics.

then go over the Ten Play-It-Safe rules with your children.

Now it's time to practice. Talk about some situations that might arise and let the children practice saying, " Let me check with my parents first." 

Here are some tips for parents, you might want to read too.

Going trick or treating? Read these Halloween safety tips.

Mom note:
These tips serve only as a simple outline for discussion. My hope is that each family will impart their own moral values and beliefs when teaching this subject to their children.

Thanks so much for 
joining us today.
See you next week.

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