Oct 30, 2014

Fall Season safety tips - Safety Education series

October 30, 2014
safety education: fall season safety

This weekend many of us will be changing our clocks back from Daylight Savings Time. It's a great time to also change your batteries in your smoke alarms, CO monitors and check that your fire extinguishers are fully charged. 
We'll be doing ours for class today.

Fire safety is for every season, but with the colder weather arriving, many of us are starting to use our fireplaces, wood burning stoves and space heaters. 
Start the class by asking the children for some safety tips concerning these. I always enjoy hearing what they know and sometimes busting some myths along the way. Discussion time is so important and gives you a great starting point.

Read over these Fall Fire Safety Tips for more discussion ideas. 
One of the tips mentioned is to make sure young children know how to dial "911".  Why not make this a family activity. Each child/adult can take turns being the caller 
and the 911 dispatcher that asks the questions. 

Here are some other helpful Fall Season Safety Tips.

I would like to add one more tip for thought. 
So many times the children have opportunities to help grandma & grandpa or older neighbors with outside chores this fall, which is always encouraged, of course. However, remember, older adults may not anticipate the curiosity of younger children, leaving ladders & yard tools unattended. A word of caution to the adults and the children may be needed. 

Thanks so much for joining 
us for safety class today.
See you next week.

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